The Ten Funniest Misunderstood Lyrics Ever

Everybody knows that the part in "Purple Haze" where Jimi Hendrix (who died 40 years ago this month) sings "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky" sounds a lot like "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy." There's even a whole book about it, which has in turn spawned more than one daily calendar.

But there are a lot of other hilariously misheard lyrics out there. Rocks Off poked around the Internet and found ten we thought were the funniest.

10. Nickelback, "How You Remind Me":

Actual Lyric: ''Cause living with me must've damn near killed you"

Funnier Lyric: "Cause Little Women must've damn near killed you"

9. Filter, "Hey Man, Nice Shot":

Actual Lyric: "Now that the smoke's gone/ And the air is all clear"

Funnier Lyric: "Now that the smoke's gone/ And Pierre is a queer"

8. R.E.M., "Losing My Religion":

Actual Lyric: "That's me in the corner/ That's me in the spotlight"

Funnier Lyric: "Let's pee in the corner/ Let's pee in the spotlight"

7. Queen, "Bohemian Rhapsody":

Actual Lyric: "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me"

Funnier Lyric: "The algebra has a devil put aside for me"

6. Jonas Brothers, "Year 3000":

Actual Lyric: "I took a ship to the year 3000/ This song had gone multi-platinum"

Funnier Lyric: "I took a shit 'til the year 3000/ This song had gone multi-platinum"

5. Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love":

Actual Lyric: "You need coolin' / Baby I'm not foolin'"

Funnier Lyric: "You need Kool-Aid/ Maybe I got Kool-Aid"

According to a forum poster who heard something similar to the above:

"I was singing along to the song while driving through town. While at a stoplight, an older guy came up to my car and said, 'Kid, you can't sing, and for chrissakes, get the lyrics right!' I turned bright red and nearly hit a police car."

4. ABBA, "Dancing Queen":

Actual Lyric: "See that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen"

Funnier Lyric: "See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen"

3. Metallica, "Fuel"

Actual Lyric: "Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire"

Funnier Lyric: "Give me fuel, give me fire, give me sandwich I desire"

2. Mannfred Mann's Earth Band, "Blinded By the Light":

Actual Lyric: "Revved up like a deuce"

Funnier Lyric: "Wrapped up like a douche"

Oddly enough, in the original version by Bruce Springsteen, the lyric is a much more pronounceable "Cut loose like a deuce," which means Mann deliberately tampered with the line to get it to sound like it did.

1. Alice Cooper, "Poison":

Actual Lyric: "I wanna love you but your lips are venomous poison"

Funnier Lyric: "I wanna love you but your hips are a little bit pointed"

And finally, a bonus misheard lyric that we think is actually an improvement:

LCD Soundsystem, "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House"

Actual Lyric: "There's a bus and a trailer at my house"

Better Lyric: "There's a buzz arbitrator at my house"

How much cooler would the job of "music critic" be if we were allowed to call ourselves "buzz arbitrators"? Significantly so, we think. We could stop pretending to belong to more honorable professions like "repo man" and "tow truck driver," that's for sure.

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