The Terms

Looking for something that rocks hard, has plenty of licks, interesting rhythms, several great voices and smarty-pants lyrics with hooks galore? Look no further than the Terms. These Baton Rouge young guns make all the right moves on Small Town Computer Crash, which was produced in Los Angeles. The title track is an oh-so-21st-century love song with a hook ("She's not ready for your love system") that's sharp as a tuna gaff. Other stellar tracks include the tightly wound, push-me-over-the-edge "Welcome to the Now 'Evo Devo'" and the explosive "Neutron Bomb," which rocks as hard as anything out there right now. The Terms' musical oeuvre is such that they should appeal across the invisible lines that divide the indie rockers, the roots rockers and the MTV crowd: The coiffures, clothes and poses are perfectly video-ready, the lyrics jibe with the indie vogue, and the licks and attitude fit the roots rock scene. Quite a heady combination in such a young band. I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of these guys in H-town.
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William Michael Smith