Texas Mod Crushers rock and roll on new single.EXPAND
Texas Mod Crushers rock and roll on new single.
Photo by Michael Daleo

Texas Mod Crushers Keep Rock Alive On New Single

There are those in the music industry who keep trying to keep rock n' roll down. All the time you'll read that rock is going the way of the buffalo or that rock just doesn't track like it used to. The truth is that you can't keep a good band down, and Houston's Texas Mod Crushers definitely prove that with their new single "Papa Whiskey." In under three and a half minutes, the fuzz is heavy and the fury is heavier as the five piece proves that they can still keep the rock n' roll fires burning.

With heavily distorted guitars to open things off, the band quickly proves they only came to rock while the snappy drums and gurgling bass come in just like you'd expect. With backing group vocals that come in like they did on rock songs from the seventies, the song hums along like a vintage motorcycle before a guitar solo shreds through the song like a saw to soft wood. The song has plenty of fury and plenty of weight that gets mixed in with a hook heavy chorus and backing female vocals that just add to what they're bringing to the table.

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All in all, the song is a great example that proves that rock isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The single, will be available digitally next week, though for now you can take our word for it and order it directly from Tar Beach Music. The clear seven inch vinyl comes with a free digital download of the track as well. You can also play the shorter version above as much as you'd like until you order a copy.

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