The Ting Tings Easily Earn an Enthusiastic Encore

The Ting Tings, KANEHOLLER Fitzgerald's April 21, 2015

Imagine a home video featuring a toddler in a confined space stomping around making all kinds of racket using everything within reach, and you have an image of how Katie White performs as one-half of the Ting Tings. Tuesday night at Fitzgerald's, her demands to the audience were simple: "Just dance with us, Houston!"

"Electro-pop" seems to be a trendy catch-all label these days, but the Ting Tings do not necessarily fit into that category, at least not in their live performances. While the studio versions of their material have that bubblegum vibe, their concerts are a loud, gritty punch in the face. Think of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing the dance remixes of their heavier punk tracks, and you have the show we got Tuesday night.

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