The Top 10 Bars Where Your Dog Will Be Welcome, Too

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10. Celtic Gardens Sure, Celtic Gardens is smack-dab in the middle of the concrete jungle, but that's part of what's so great about it being dog-friendly. There isn't much green space in the city for Fido to take advantage of, but there's plenty of room for your buddy to lounge out at Celtic Gardens. They welcome your best furry friend with open arms while you grab a beer or six on their patio. Good beer selection, heavy pours, your dog is welcome...oh, and they get bonus points for the metered parking available around the bar, since it's such a valet-heavy area. No one needs dog hair on their dark valet pants, now do they?

2300 Louisiana, 713-900-2500, facebook.com/celticgardens

9. Front Porch Pub Your dog is always welcome at this super busy Midtown hotspot, but we have a suggestion. You should do your dog a solid and take them on steak night, where they're bound to get meat-treats galore fed to them by friendly strangers on the front porch. The food is pretty darn good, crowd is usually laid back, and the beer is always cold, so this place is a win with us. Parking can be a bit sketch, but it'll give both you and your old dog a chance to stretch your legs on that extended walk from wherever you left your car to the bar. Bonus points for everyone!

217 West Gray, 713-571-9571, frontporchpub.com

8. Natachee's Supper 'N Punch Okay, so we admit that we may have stretched the definition of "bar" to fit Natachee's on this list, but give us a little leeway. They've got some great drinks, and an even more awesome outdoor area that is perfect for not only your dogs, but your little ones as well. You can kick back, punch in hand, and hang out in what feels like Natachee's backyard for hours, and no one will judge ya. It's not so much a patio as it is a big open space for you and your dog to sit back and laze the day away.

3622 Main, 713-524-7203, natachees.com

7. Cottonwood This Garden Oaks bar is always full of dog lovers and their other halves; there are dogs, dogs, and more dogs at Cottonwood, and that's a good thing. It means you'll be free to bring along good ol' Spot without anyone side-eying you for it. The huge outdoor area has a bit of a summer camp feel, complete with a mess hall and picnic area, but trust us. You won't feel that way about the food, cause it's amazing. Also, the adult drinks? They're also fantastic. So drag your dog and let him socialize, while you do the same.

3422 N Shepherd, 713-802-0410, facebook.com/cottonwoodhouston

6. Winston's on Washington Washington may be a bit bro-heavy in parts, but it's also a bit dog-heavy thanks to Winston's, which makes it all the better. Winston's even sports a bulldog on their bar banner in honor of their dog-friendly status, which we find to be the cutest thing ever. They're even dog-friendly at brunch, when you can drink away last night while your dog begs snacks off of the people surrounding you. He deserves them, though, for putting up with his crazy human owner. And who can say no to those pitiful puppy eyes?

5111 Washington, facebook.com/winstonsonwashington

5. J Black's Feel Good Lounge Sometimes even dogs wanna get a lil fancy, and they can do so with their owner in tow at J Black's. It's a fun place, that J Black's, full of rowdy, pretty people, and your dog won't mind the chaos. He's a dog! He lives for excitement. And you live for beer, so it works out well for the both of you when you take him with you to this Washington corridor bar.

110 S Heights, 713-862-7818, jblacks.com

4. Komodo's Pub Komodo's is all old-school patio, and that's what we love about it. It's a bar that feels like a converted old house in the midst of the in-town chaos, and it's got a pretty regular, chill crowd. If you play your cards right, you and your dog can become one of them. Just don't let them talk you into a "nuclear rainbow." Even your dog will shake his head at that idea. Be smart like your dog and just say no to the nuclear rainbow.

2004 Baldwin, 713-655-1501

3. West Alabama Ice House We've sung West Alabama's praises many a'time, and we have no intention of stopping -- unless they become anti-dog or something equally as awful, of course. We really super like this place, with its backyard BBQ vibe. There are the cutest dogs all chasin' each other around, and your dog can join in on the fun while you look for some sweet little thang to also chase around. Just make sure you take a cue from your dog and keep it in the area of good, clean fun, or your dog may be welcome back before you.

1919 W Alabama, 713-528-6874

2. Saint Dane's Bar & Grille C'mon. How could a bar with the name "Saint Dane's" -- who also has a dog on their signage, by the way -- not be dog friendly? Saint Danes, on the cusp of Montrose in that ol' Late Night Pie spot, is super welcoming for both you and your dog friends. Bring 'em on up, and they'll serve you both a cold beverage. Fido's will be in a water bowl, of course. And we suppose if you ask nicely enough, they might be able to serve yours in one as well. But perhaps leave it in the bottle for now?

502 Elgin, 713-807-7040, saintdanes.com

1. Boneyard Drinkery Boneyard will win this dog-bar contest every single time, because it is literally a "dog park-meets-bar" bar, where your dog is the priority in the equation. Red Rover, Red Rover, let Boneyard come over to the top spot on our list for their bar-dog-park innovation. It's where animal lovers unite and bond over a beer or two, while the entire place goes to the dogs. They're free to roam and frolic, and you're free to make a new friend or two while you cool off with a few beers, if you like. We dig it, you'll dig it, and so will your dog.

8150 Washington, 832-494-1600, boneyardhouston.com


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