The Top 10 Coolest Music-Video Explosions

We like fireworks and explosions, and with July 4th right around the corner, we are sure to get our fill. Things burning or blowing up are pretty cool, except of course if it's your house, car or business. In that case, it's an awful, horrible atrocity and God is a bastard for letting it happen to you. What's up his ass?

For those about to burn or blow something up for the insurance money, we salute you. That takes balls the size of China, and you should show us how you did it. We are behind on our car payments and want to buy a motorcycle.

Things have been getting blown up in music videos since the first time a director picked up a camera and made someone lip-sync their new hit single for the lens. Explosions convey power and drama, and also show everyone that you have at least a little love at the record label for helping you splurge on the costs of shooting.

Sometimes directors have to blow things up more than once to get the shot right. Did you know that the director shot the explosion scene in the video for Limp Bizkit's "Boiler" six times? Some say it was to attempt to maim Fred Durst, and some are deliciously right.

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Craig Hlavaty
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