The Top 10 Horror-Movie Scores Of All Time

The art of the instrumental horror-film score is quickly being lost. All too often now, filmmakers are using heavy metal and pop music to soundtrack their films. Hearing Slipknot or HIM during a stabbing scene just doesn't hold the same weight to us as some tubular bells or a haunting oboe.

Instrumental scores allow you to fill in the blank spaces with your mental imagery. Plus, it counts as classical music so it's like eating your cultural vegetables.

Being the witching season, we compiled a list of some of our favorite horror-movie scores. These are the lines of music that can make your skin crawl or bring sweat to your palms by just hearing them. Sadly, we couldn't include Danny Elfman's Pee-Wee's Big Adventure score on here because no one else thinks it's a horror movie.

Have you ever seen Large Marge? Yeah, deal with that.

10. Halloween (John Carpenter)

The most iconic horror movie theme of all time. It makes a good ringtone too for when your bank calls asking why you are poor.

9. The Exorcist (Mike Oldfield)

OK, maybe this is the best horror theme of all time. Jesus, we can't make up our mind. We're sure someone will tell us we are wrong.

8. The Omen (Jerry Goldsmith)

This movie makes us scared to ever, ever have children. Ever.

7. Suspiria (Goblin)

You happy now, Goblin fans? We didn't include the Suspiria soundtrack on our earlier film-scores list because maybe we were saving it for this list?

6. The Shining (Wendy Carlos)

Wendy Carlos is the man... er, woman.

5. Psycho (Bernard Hermann)

Bernard Hermann was also the man, with his long line of Hitchcock scores, the most notable for most being his music for Psycho. His score for Taxi Driver is killer too.

4. The Amityville Horror (Lalo Schifirin)

Why would you buy a house that had an evil face? You knew what you were getting into.

3. Bram Stoker's Dracula (Wojciech Kilar)

The best part of this movie, other than Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder's fine ass, was the fact they made Dracula's hair look like a butt. Let it go, we were nine when this came out.

2. Dawn of the Dead (Goblin)

Oh man, "Zaratozom" from this soundtrack is stupid funky. Nice slabs of Krautrock, disco, and it all sounds like cocaine was involved somehow. Snag Dario Argento's version of the film to hear Goblin's score too.

1. Jaws (John Williams)

Are we the only we don't think that Jaws is a horror movie? It's a nature film. We were intruding on the shark's turf. It wasn't undead, possessed or a criminal. If anything, the shark was the one being victimized. What gives?


Carrie: Plug it up!

Cannibal Holocaust: I like turtles.

Firestarter: "Get out of here, you bastard! I'll burn you up! I'll fry you!"

Phantasm: "Boooy!"

Friday the 13th: "You know what I mean! What, you just get off a spaceship or something? Come on, Coloumbian gold, man. Hash, the grass, the weed, dig it?"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.