Kill Us Now, Please

The Top 10 Misogynistic Songs of 2013

Just in case you were wondering, it is probably a good idea to never, ever write a song with the lyrics, "And all she eat is dick/ She's on a strict diet/ That's my baby." Want to know why? Because it's gross and sexist, and not very good advice for women watching their figures, either. A Registered Dietitian you are not, Lil Wayne.

It's probably also not a good idea to write songs about only fucking hos who wear Dolce & Gabbana, or about slipping drugs into a woman's drink in order to sleep with her without her remembering. Those make your lyrics scummy, RiFF RAFF, and rapey, Rick Ross.

So let's start the next year with some lyrics sans the misogynistic tone, please. Perhaps something more introspective than how you treat women as sex objects. As romantic as the words "And girl, I fuck who I want, and fuck who I don't" are, they're a wee bit demeaning and again, slightly rapey. So let's back away from the rape lyrics and come to our senses. And stop blaming the good kush and alcohol. It's getting a bad rap.

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Angelica Leicht
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