The Top 25 Comedy Rap Songs Of All Time: Nos. 25-21

As Rocks Off's resident goth expert, etymologist and calendar-based Batman villain, we don't usually have much to do with rap. We've never heard a Dr. Dre song we didn't like, and for a while we were really into ICP, but otherwise we stick to the rock side of the music store.

However, we have managed to amass quite a collection of comedy rap tunes over the years, and for the next five days we're going to be sharing them with you. Today we tackle Nos. 25-21, starting with...

25. MC Chris, "Fett's Vette"

Brooklyn's MC Chris starts off our Top 25 with the first of two Star Wars-themed songs to make the countdown. Here he takes the POV of the one of the most bafflingly popular characters from the series, Boba Fett. Seriously, he doesn't actually do anything, but people love the guy. Boba Fett, that is - MC Chris actually does a lot, such as being on Adult Swim and raising money for the fight against cystic fibrosis.

24. DJ Dave, "Whole Foods Parking Lot"

DJ Dave tells it like it is. Anyone who has ever tried to maneuver in the Kirby Whole Foods parking lot can testify that just entering the area apparently turns off your ability to not be in the way. Now if only someone who do a song about the reality-swallowing holes that make up Hobbit Café's parking lot.

23. Eddie Murphy, "Boogie in Your Butt"

Eddie Murphy's career makes no damned sense at all. How on Earth does the same man who gave us Delerious and Harlem Nights also give us Norbit and the Nutty Professor remakes? He is also somehow a successful rapper, with two albums that broke the Top 40. His self-titled debut was not one of those, but you cant deny the genius of a tune like "Boogie in Your Butt."

22. Thugz of Normandy, "Haterz Gunna Hate"

They say that the best satires are indistinguishable from the real thing. If that's true then it would be hard to top Houston's own Thugz of Normandy. Oscar the Grouch has more street cred than they do, but somehow the boys manage to pull it off.

21. MC Hammer, "Addams Groove"

For a while there, you were simply not allowed to release a movie without some kind of rap tie-in that could air on MTV. When dealing with that time period, whoo boy, are there some choice tunes, but after weighing it against Will Smith's "Nightmare on My Street," we ultimately went with good old MC Hammer's "Addams Groove." It just feels right.

Tune in tomorrow for Nos. 20-16.

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