The Top 25 Music Videos of 2012, Nos. 15-11

More of the best music videos from the last year are coming up, and this time I promise they won't all be about suicide and sadness as they seem to have been yesterday. Nope, this time a little levity is on the menu, but a little murder and black magic as well. Allons-y!


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15. The Boxing Lesson, "Better Daze"

Never has a band made an alien invasion so damned cute. Director Eric Power gave us a weird little black occupation of the Austin night set to the kicking power of The Boxing Lesson. I still laugh every time the big-legged alien kicks the guy in the back of the head. It's so damned petty and wonderful.

14. Andrew Jackson Jihad, "Fucc the Devil"

Andrew Seward of Against Me! helped AJJ put this video together on a day off during a tour, which seems like just a annoying way to make themselves look more industrious than the rest of us. The devil pisses blood and then takes on Slash in a battle for a roadie's soul. That's the real spirit of rock and roll.

13. Freezepop, "Doppelganger"

You can watch the video above, but the real way to experience "Doppleganger" is to visit the Web site that lets you switch between the "good" and "douchey" versions at will. Further proof of the evolution of the music video and its capabilities online. It's a hell of a good pop explosion as well!

12. Magic Trick, "Invisible at Midnight"

"Invisible at Midnight" plays out like a Michel Gondry film, as a little girl tries to use magic tricks to revive the goldfish she has overfed and killed. What follows is an exhibition of animation as the girl watches the room around her come to life until the drawings lull her to sleep. It really is the "Take on Me" of the new millennium, except with less unfortunate hair.

11. Ulver, "Magic Hollow"

Though it didn't make the No. 1 spot on our video countdown, Ulver's reworking of Beau Brummels' "Magic Hollow" was definitely my favorite song of 2012. The video itself is no slouch, though, as a man searching for a magic book first befriends a mysterious family in the woods, then murders them. Justin Oakey makes a better horror movie in five minutes than most directors can do in 90.

Tune in tomorrow for 10-6.

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