The Top 25 Music Videos of 2013, Nos. 5-1

Here we are at the absolute Top 5 music videos that were released this year. There's whimsy, beauty, and a whole lot of pain and regret. Ignored as usual by the mainstream powers that be, these are the works of absolute beauty that they are absolutely hiding from you. Get ready to see wonders.

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5. Youth Lagoon, "Raspberry Cane" Year after year Youth Lagoon turns in some of the best music-video work in existence. In 2012 their haunting, apocalyptic "July" made No. 2 on the list, and "Raspeberry Cane" is near its equal. What it lacks in the storytelling on "July" it makes up for in sheer painted beauty.

4. Erasure, "Gaudete" I admit, when I heard Erasure was doing a holiday album I wasn't all that enthused. I had no idea that it would honestly be my absolute favorite release ever from the band. Part of it is just that the music is exceptional, but most of it hinges on this series of stop-motion videos from Martin Meunier and Tonya Hurley. It's like Tool meets Rankin-Bass, and every moment is magic.

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3. Inspector Owl, "Mousey" I have only one thing to say about "Mousey": if the idea of an underground Hungry Hungry Hippo gambling syndicate that turns bloody doesn't excite you, then I don't want to know you. That is all.

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2. Young Galaxy, "Privileged Poor" There are very few music videos in the world where, after you watch them, you think, "I would like to see a whole movie about that." "Privileged Poor" is one of those, though. It follows a trio of long-retired superheroes trying out their powers one last time just to reconnect with the feeling of being alive.

It's sad, but strangely hopeful at the same time, and offers us the chance to ask ourselves what will be left when our strength fades.

1. Stromae, "Papaoutai" The No. 1 video of 2013 comes from Belgian pop star Stromae's incredible dance tune. The strange video is about a boy who tries to interact with his unresponsive, mannequin-like father while other families dance and play in a parody of perfect suburban life.

Stromae's father was killed in the Rwandan Genocide, and the video is generally understood to be about feeling haunted by his father's ghost. Between the amazing dancing, inventive sets, and the depth of the singer's pain, you have a one-of-a-kind music video that deserves the top spot.

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