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The TSU Shootings in Twitterese: "Stay Classy, Houston"

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Looks like things in the Trae Day shootings are about where they were last night. The Houston Police Department's homicide unit is involved - although no one was killed - but letting TSU detectives handle the investigation. Rocks Off's Shea Serrano spoke with an official at TSU PD's Office of Communication, who confirmed that six people were shot, one of whom is believed to be a TSU student, but very little else. The department would not say if they believe the shootings were connected to each other or gang-related, as has been widely speculated on Twitter.

Rocks Off will have an interview with Trae, who is said to have left the premises before the shooting began around 8:30 p.m., later on today.

Mayoral candidate Peter Brown, whose campaign co-hosted the event, also first responded to the shootings via Twitter. "It is a shame that this positive event - one encouraging kids to say no to drugs, stay in school and get involved in the community - is being overshadowed by this terrible incident," his campaign said later. "This is a tragedy which re-emphasizes our need to further facilitate drug and crime prevention programs."

Brown was hardly the only one. A TSU Twitter timeline after the jump.

Henry Rizoh

AshleyLynn83 Omg!!! There was a shooting @ TSU!

StraightG @djmrrogers you heard about the shooting at TSU?

ZWhite1914 Wow, I hope the TSU shooting wasn't @ the Trae day celebration

NewzProducer KHOU: Shooting on TSU driveby during radio station event on TSU campus.

bpmore C'mon @TexasSouthern - where's the info on the shooting? needs an update.

UrbanosNews Rapp Fest @ Tx Southern Uni. leads to running gun fight from Cuney Homes housing, 2 TSU garage, 2 Cuney Homes. Shots fired. People injured.

ZWhite1914 RT @graememcampbell: There was just a shooting on the TSU campus during the Trae Day rap concert. Several shots fired, 5 concert goers down.

prtygrlgonebad Awww damn! Shooting @ TSU...I was goin visit the campus. Not anymore

babyhtownchick Is like u tryin to do sumthing good and bad stuff always happen at TSU come on my black ppl yall need to get over livin these street lives.

SeeLineWoman RT @GoodFathersOnly: @SeeLineWoman TSUNine kids are shot when will we stop and take care of the kids?#daddytalk

charmedguy18 @mpoppel YES! I SAW THAT OMG TSU NEEDS TO RECOGNIZE lol no seriously...

DJDblR Hmm it seems the 3 shot at TSU were at an on campus rap concert. I have never heard if such a thing....go figure.

djanrky @queenofpr that's crazy wat's goin' on @ TSU!!!!

ChristalBrown *smh* my damn school. TSU...damn we stay in the news. Can they leave us alone like Michael Jackson?!!

Cannon357 TSU jus got shot up... Liek ryte down tha street from me

charmedguy18 RT @mpoppel:Small update made to the TSUarticle: Peter Brown's office confirms he was hosting the concert. He is running for Houston Mayor.

MsAshleyBabi Damnit TSU!!! Can yall not be so damn hood for one day! A family event at that! Oish I'm so glad I left!

TaijiGuy RT @mpoppel: Looks like now 7 people reported injured at TSU and two locations off campus.

YoungSea @_MiisCeCe just got home from that shit at tsu

NicBall @0mie TSU shooting?

PB4Mayor My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of tonight's tragedy @ TSU. #fb ross_herring @btw_mj Somebody starting shoot at TSU too

romievizon409 @j59coveJBJ it was a shooting after traeday... it was right behind me in da parking garage @ tsu

TheDateline RT @nytimes "Six Reported Shot at Texas University "The school is TSU where a local rapper conducted an outreach program

toriborri HOly Shit! What happened at TSU?

danisinthenews President Obama takes his pitch for healthcare reform on the road, 6 wounded in shooting at TSU in Houston, TX, Michelle Obama's new "do!"

vchat @KBXX979TheBox Damn u black ppl! Yall got these white ppl at my job talkin bout the shooting at TSU! {Not a good look}

ChadJordan There was a shooting in the parking lot right next to my former law school @ TSU. Im looking at it on the news now. Ridiculous.

MoralOrel Still haven't heard from my bff at TSU. I need to know she is ok. She better be!

KBXX979TheBox A day after the TSU shootings ..Exclusive Tre interview at 7:30... only on 97.9 the Box in Houston - listen live worldwide

Harlem2Texas TSU made national news! Not something to be proud of! Let's get it together people!

tomargilbert The shooting @ TSU last night has made national news, this gang S#@! it out of hand....

mCastellanos91 @chamillionaire Here's some footage of the TSUshooting damn man

Tazzee @TiffanyNHouston I heard about the TSU shooting on the radio here. Don't know why I thought they said TCU at first...

Kazi1911 So I hear that someone started firing off shots at the block party down by TSU?? Damnit.

richbonnin Saddened over the news of the senseless shootings atTSU last night, but grateful there was no loss of life.

JRuckerBYOB Maan the Trae Day event got shot up last night atTSU..

nell2003 @ tsu yesterday it was goin well and then u had to have some fools start shootin blacks folks can't have fun damn shame

cynthiamonster Houston made NPR news for drive by near TSU. Stay classy, Houston.

rollituup man that was f-up what happen last night a trae day atTSU. i was on my way across the street to go into the gate when ten shotts went off.

NickeyE listening to the radio on the event that took place tsu. Houston not a good look

JDMurrah Headline error: "6 shot at TSU event to honor rapper". I wondered how 6 people are shot to pay homage to a rapper

jamesetolbert Reading about the TSU shooting. If you make music glorifying ignorance when you have a concert who do you think its going to attract?

NaturallyShe @TiffanyNHouston The TSU shooting made national news?

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