The Wayback Machine: 15, 10, and five years ago in Houston music

In the last week of May 1993, the Road Kings played the Satellite and Sebastian Whittaker played at Rockefeller’s on the same night…Dry Nod droned out Rudz…Selena, Mazz, Emilio, David Lee Garza, Roberto Pulido and La Fiebre performed at the Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds…Monte Warden played the Bon Ton…Blunt was holding Sundays at Rudz…The Hightailers performed at the Last Concert Café.

In the last week of May 1998, Theater Under the Stars performed at the Music Hall for the last time...Hobart Rowland profiled The Free Radicals and reviewed their CD The Rising Tide Sinks All. Free Radicals drummer Nick Cooper told Rowland that “Oil corporations can potentially spoil the earth for future generations – of course with the full consent of all of us who drive cars and pay taxes.”…Sunset Heights, whom Rowland dismissed as lazy imitators of Stevie Ray Vaughan, performed at City Hall on a bill with Steve Earle…The club once known as The Velvet Elvis lost a legal battle to the singer’s estate and changed its name to the Velvet E. It is now known as the Velvet Melvin…Swiss janglemeisters Sportsguitar played Rudz…The Jesus Lizard was at Fitz’s with Project Grimm and Stanford Prison Experiment, the Gipsy Kings came to the Woodlands, and Tom Jones sprayed sweat-showers on Arena Theater patrons…Dead Flowers played the Mausoleum…Trudy Lynn played Al’s Place on Griggs…The Ronnie Renfrow Big Band was at Café Elysee…Moses Guest and the Hightailers performed at the Last Concert Café.

In the last week of May 2003, Prince Paul came to the Engine Room with Aceyalone and Joe “Guitar” Hughes was eulogized…Mike Patton’s Tomahawk chopped up Fitz’s; the Buzzcocks also buzzed through…Hot Action Cop, perhaps the worst band of this decade, came to the Engine Room…Ash was at Stuka…Daniel Johnston, Hailey Bonar, Fab Motion and Greg Wood all played at Rudz over the weekend…Mike Barfield was at the Big Easy…Los Skarnales opened for Voodoo Glow Skulls at Fitz’s…Panic and Detroit and the Life and Times were at the Proletariat…My Chemical Romance was at Fat Cat’s on a death-obsessed four-band bill with Everytime I Die, Give Up the Ghost and Suicide File…Alkaline Trio and Pretty Girls Make Graves performed together at the Engine Room…The Hightailers performed at the Last Concert Café. -- John Nova Lomax

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