The Wheel Workers: SXSW Freshmen Get Their Feet Wet In Austin

Note: Allison McPhail is the spring 2012 Houston Press photo intern, as well as a member of Houston band the Wheel Workers.

Written with Craig Wilkins

We woke up early and followed the road to Austin. There was music to be heard, and our first SXSW show to play.

About three days earlier, we got the confirmation. Our drummer, Jason Carmona, had played in a band for a time with one of the members of Electric Attitude. When they found out that a spot had opened up in the Slacker magazine showcase, they gave us a call and we were thrilled to have the opportunity.

SXSW is such a huge cultural event that it's kind of a rite of passage as a new band to get the opportunity to play. Our first show was scheduled at Club 1808. It was cancelled due to the fact that the owners didn't show up until after we were supposed to start playing.

On to venue No. 2 -- The Tin Roof. This was a small club right on Sixth Street and I-35, complete with a makeshift vintage clothing shop and knife-throwing. What more could we want?

This is The Wheel Workers' chaotic mess of a supremely fun day.

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