Waterworld is another interesting release that should tickle your senses.
Waterworld is another interesting release that should tickle your senses.
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Read

The Wiggins Return With An Engaging New Song

Jonathan Read of Houston's The Wiggins has never done things like anyone else, which is refreshing. As an artist who creates some of the coolest art around town, Read has always seen things differently. In The Wiggins, Read hasn't taken to doing things like everyone else either, and that's created some of the most engaging and interesting music to come out of our city. Found exclusively here, on his new track "Dreamland" off up the upcoming E.P. Waterworld, The Wiggins keep things interesting while mixing together sounds to create a sound that's hard not to be interested in.

Opening with some bizarre backing sounds before the beat kicks in, the song is very inviting and a great opener to the E.P. The song has a nice stride that's full of fuzzy guitar and more winsome vocals, Read takes you to a place that seems only available to those who dare to dream while not losing too much of the band's core sound. The track has a more engaged feel and a nice structure that clocks in just under the three minute mark, though comes off in the vein as how Read would make a pop song if that were his aim. There's a more catchy structure here to add to the sound that The Wiggins have become known for, and works well.

There's always been an element of the future to what Read does, offering up visions of a bleak world where people dress like Devo did while blending blues, garage, and and hip hop undertones, and that's only growing stronger with this track.

You can definitely hear the sounds of the band's past while Read ushers in newer notations, offering up another interesting and engaging song to add to the catalog of everything The Wiggins do. You can stream the song above as much as you'd like, or pre-order the cassette version from Miss Champagne Records. You can also grab cassettes from The Wiggins when their cassette release party happens this Saturday, March 24 at Civic TV Laboratories. The early all ages show will also have a rare support set from Alien Eyelid. Doors at 4 p.m.; Free.

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