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The Wiggins: "Rock and Roll Is Castrated"

Today we continue talking to Jon Read, the man behind the Wiggins about his new album The Myth of Man.


The Wiggins: The Myth of Man Is the Truth of Awesome Part 1

Rocks Off: Distortion plays an enormous role in your songs. They always sound like they're coming out over a speaker just about to die? How and why do you do that?

Jon Read: 'Cause rock and roll is castrated. Punk is not even scary. I want to bring it to another frequency. I want it to hurt a little. But Tina Turner explains it best:

You know, every now and then

I think you might like to hear something from us

Nice and easy...but there's just one thing

You see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy

We always do it nice and rough

Rocks Off: Easily the catchiest track on the record is "TV Summer." Mind telling us a little about its origin and meaning?

Jon Read: I do mind, but I'm glad you find it catchy. I don't like to know what things are about, I like the mystery, giving the listener a chance to make their own meaning.

Rocks Off: I know you enjoy being on your own as a musician, but is there anyone that you turn to for help or criticism? Is there anyone you trust with your songs?

Jon Read: Yeh, I got my crew all over the world. I send stuff out to people minutes after recording it. I have a friend in Denver (Brian MacDonald, Secret Knock) that will usually re-record my songs and put it on his records. I have done the same with his songs... As far as advice, I listen, but...

Rocks Off: Would you say this is an angry record?

Jon Read: No, it's more upset, dehydrated and slightly drunk.

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