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The Wiggins: "Rock and Roll Is Castrated"

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Rocks Off: "Tame" has this really bizarre calliope-sounding line behind it that is just plain weird. It's a sound that doesn't appear anywhere else on the album. It gives the whole thing a circus sound. Is that what you were going for?

Jon Read: It's a lame Tom Waits attempt.

Rocks Off: You end the record on an odd note. "The Last Thing I Need" is damn near empty except for a low voice and tiny Wiggins-touches that fade into what sounds like faint knocking on a distant door. What made that song so starkly different from the rest of the record?

Jon Read: That song as well as "Fly Right," nothing is programmed. I start with a tempo, but that's removed ASAP, and I just do everything live and layered. Robot free, though the drums and bass are still digital.

I think the tone is sadder. I worked on that right after I broke my arm, which really hurt, made impossible for me to play, paint and really didn't help a TV project I was working on for FOX... It was a bad time and I really had no one in my corner it seemed, but I'm sure some of that feeling was from the drugs I was given. Steroids are no joke.

The Wiggins play Walters Friday, September 28 Wicked Poseur, Hearts of Animals and Fiskadoro.

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