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The World Needs Ten Gotye Remixes? Really? Aight.

Mitt Romney, bath salts, bacon sundaes, and celebrities from the '80s dropping like flies. If you haven't noticed by now, shit is rough in 2012. It could even be our very last year on this dirtball, if you listen to shoddy Mayan lore, late-night AM radio, and that one dude on the History Channel who blames everything on aliens.

Of course this past week Gotye would release an album of ten remixes of his one and only hit "Somebody That I Used To Know," because fuck it. Last month his major headlining tour was announced and an October 11 Woodlands date was set with openers Givers.

Earlier this year, the Belgian-born, Australian-based singer-songwriter scored a fluke hit with that song, which has become the break-up anthem for 2012. Gotye and fun. both led a pop-rock charge this year, logging Billboard chart-topping, highly-requested radio nuggets.

But does Gotye's hit deserve (what a funny word) to be remixed ten times on Somebody That I Used To Know (Remixes)?

There are countless others floating around on the Web too that aren't included on this compilation that came out this past spring. Acts like Tiesto, Adrock, Dan Aux take their blades to the song on this release. This year's edition of "Pumped Up Kicks" is proving to be a cash cow for everyone.

(OK, I liked the "Miami Nights 1984" remix. Bastards.)

Be honest, you call Gotye "Goatse" most of the time, though I cannot imagine why you would need to utter his name to another human being. I have listened to the Making Mirrors album and it definitely has a few other potential radio hits on it, but nothing will latch on like "Somebody" has, because no one in the peanut gallery cares about the other songs.

There is a reissue coming of Gotye's 2006 album Like Drawing Blood if you feel like being adventurous.

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