The Worst Album Covers Of 2010

These are some of the worst album covers to grace store shelves your hard drive this year. Only a few of you seem to be buying albums anymore unless you still buy vinyl, in which case you are a saint and a scholar.

You know what is a good album cover? Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. It came infused with cotton candy scent and featured Maxim's reigning Hot 100 champion lying nude among pink clouds, with just a bit of ass exposed. That's how you make an album cover. Even Herb Alpert knew that, and a whole generation reaped the benefits.

Some of these album covers, are actually hiding good music, like the Soundgarden, Devo, CocoRosie, and (cringe) MGMT releases. Rocks Off's fascination with the two-year train wreck that is the split between MGMT on record and live in person is frustrating and tiresome. Shutting up now.

Here we have huge errors, high-school digital-graphics class mishaps, borderline racism and other assorted, muddled visual babbling. Like us, some of these albums aren't total dogs - but Jesus, the covers make us want to right-click and delete them off our computer.

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