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The Worst Music Trends Of 2010

Editor's Pick: Shit. I spent my whole year either avoiding or ignoring trends. No reason to change now.

Marc Brubaker: Many a person instructed me to place Ke(Dollar Sign)ha in this spot, but she's become so ubiquitous that I can't help but laugh when I hear her now. No, fine sirs, this award is reserved for famous people doing features for Justin Bieber. Why oh why is everyone coming out of the woodwork to guest on his songs? Of course the answer is money, but this just smacks me as a perfect example of everything wrong with the way major labels operate.

John Seaborn Gray: Chillwave. Sorry, but privileged white kids with top-of-the-line synthesizers will never be interesting. If you're still into chillwave, consider abusing less prescription medication and waking the hell up.

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