The Worst Rap Battle Ever, And Best-Kept Hip-Hop Secret In Town

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There's lots of talk about Cypress Hill coming to Houston

next Tuesday

. But to get that legendary Latin hip-hop/funk sound on a regular basis, you might not have to go farther than La Porte. That's where you'll find a group called Hafaza, made up of mike-wreckers Frank, Omar, Luno, Gonz and Bar Jesus. Check out their promo video. What we like about these guys is that their music, as well as this video, give us that basement hip-hop feel.


has to be one of Houston hip-hop's best-kept secrets. There's something about hip-hop artists that don't look anything like what hip-hop artists are supposed to look like. Some of the guys from Hafaza look like they could be our cable installation guy, tattoo artist, waiter, cousin, or used car salesman. That's not a knock. Their look combined with their solid music brings an authenticity to hip-hop. Kind of like when we found Preemo. He just doesn't look like commercial hip-hop, but like Hafaza, he can spit good music all day. Do you remember the movie


? We think anybody who spent their teens in the early '90s, and was old enough to appreciate the 1s and 2s when they caught the flick, knows how the scene when GQ made his demo tape really made everyone one want to take up the art of the turntable. In this video,

DJ Klinch

of Hafaza's crew displays his skills in a similar fashion and inspired a similar feeling. That means he's damn good.

V-Zilla dropped

a new, free download

. You don't want to pass that up because it's fire, like much of what he puts out. Cassette Coast will be releasing his video of "Still Walkin" on May 7, and we have some exclusive screen shots. "Still Walkin" is one of Rocks Off's favorite Coast tracks. The song is deep and has a verse dedicated to the circumstances around his deceased friend, Fat Bat; hence, the screen shot at the cemetery.

We'll make sure you see it on Rocks Off when it drops. And you know we have to fuck with your job's Monday productivity. We'll leave with the worst rap battle in the history of mankind... in the universe...



Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of RedBrownandBlue.com. Follow him on MySpace and on Twitter, or befriend him on Facebook.

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