The Year In Houston Music, Poster By Poster

Ed. Note: The difference between "poster" and "flyer" is debatable - negligible, perhaps - but to us a flyer has always been no bigger than a sheet of notebook paper, printed in one or maybe two colors. So whether or not the following images were ever printed on paper or any other stock - and most were - we believe they deserve to be called "posters."

For the past year, Rocks Off has been collecting every local show poster we could in a little folder on our desktop, next to the one we keep all of our Katy Perry and Lemmy pictures, and by November it was filled with tons of examples of local artists' work. We even have some up in our offices in printed form.

These works, by artists including Dann K. Miller, Tom So, Jason McElweenie, Shelby Hohl and many others is just a taste of what Houston has had to offer this year. We can barely draw a circle without screwing it up, so to us these guys are superheroes.

So sit back, get one of those plastic flutes of box wine, maybe a handful of crackers and cheese, and gander at some of the best gig posters from this year, all part of Rocks Off's latest online art exhibit.

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