Year in Review

The Year In Skank: 2010's Top 7 Skankiest Celebrities

Plenty of famous women exude a healthy, feminine charm, a reserved beauty and refined grace that keeps them respectable even while they titillate. Plenty of celebrity men have a classy demeanor, yet just enough of a rakish-scoundrel glint in their eyes to turn them into the mysterious stranger in many a fantasy.

These are not those men and women. These are the ones who frequently appear in public with various genitals on proud display, a new fuck-buddy on their arm every other day, and are constantly emerging from club bathrooms looking like they fell face-first into a pile of flour.

They always look like they need a bath, and we keep watching them because we think it's pretty likely they're going to die soon.

These are the skanks, and 2010 had quite a few.

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John Seaborn Gray