Houston Concert Watch 10/10: Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper and More

Bob Dylan at Astroworld's Southern Star Amphitheater, June 1986
Bob Dylan at Astroworld's Southern Star Amphitheater, June 1986 Photos by Bruce Kessler/
Could this be the final week of the year where outdoor shows are made less fun by brutal heat? It’s possible that Fall might finally arrive. Until then, enjoy this week’s lineup of Hall of Famers and guys that were in other bands you like.

Pick of the Week: Bob Dylan
10/14 - Smart Financial Centre

Bob Dylan is damn near 80 and still out on the road. Now 30 years deep into his Never Ending Tour — he hit show 2,000 way back in 2007 — you really should make it out to see one of the pillars of rock music while you still have the chance. There will be some hits along with whatever a man of 77 deems worthy of play, and you’ll go home happy knowing that you were alive at the same time as one of the great songwriters of all time.
The Best of the Rest

Johnny Marr
10/11 - White Oak Music Hall

No, he’s not Morrissey, which means the odds of this gig actually happening are way better than the average Morrissey trip to the Gulf Coast. Getting to hear “How Soon Is Now?” live is cool, but getting to hear it by the original guitarist is even cooler, on top of all the other interesting songs that make up Marr’s setlist. Whether or not he’s your favorite member of The Smiths is beside the point.
Reggie and the Full Effect
10/12 - The Secret Group

The Secret Group has become such a regular part of the Houston community that I had completely forgotten it was only now turning two years old. To celebrate one of Houston’s favorite comedy venues, the club is throwing an anniversary party headlined by one of music’s best acts at blending humor and emotion into a show that’s always entertaining, Reggie and the Full Effect. Come for the heartbreak, stay for the many weird tales told between songs.
RBRM: Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike
10/13 - Smart Financial Centre

It might not be the complete New Edition reunion of your dreams, but are you really going to hate on a Bell Biv DeVoe and Bobby Brown tour? Think of the hit parade you’ll get to sit through during this show. You know how you get when “Poison” drops. The group headlines a show that also features Joe, Ginuwine, 702, and Dru Hill, for about a perfect a bill you’re going to get if you’ve ever loved R&B.
Alice Cooper
10/14 - White Oak Music Hall

Is there a better time to see one of the gods of shock rock than in the lead up to Halloween? It’s only fitting that Alice Cooper arrives in town the day of what should be our first serious cold front of the season, adding a little extra shiver to your spine. Cooper still puts on an excellent, over the top live show, with an energy that most bands half his age wish they had. You know the hits, but give the deep cuts a shot as well; Cooper knows how to build a setlist that is relentlessly entertaining.
Bonus Road Trip Option: Ludacris
10/13 - Dallas

Sure, Bruno Mars is also playing in Dallas this week, but he’s not playing at the State Fair of Texas. So make the drive up 45, eat a bunch of food that is in no way shape or form healthy for you, and enjoy the stylings of one of the most clever rappers of his generation. Yes, every now and a trip to Dallas is allowed, especially when it includes the chance to eat your weight in fried goodness.
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