Houston Concert Watch 1/2: BowiElvis Fest and More

The Starman is gone but his legacy lives on.EXPAND
The Starman is gone but his legacy lives on.
Photo by Francisco Montes
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Whether you’re living your life “new year, new you” or “same as it ever was,” we do hope your enthusiasm for live music hasn’t waned as 2019 settles in. As with most years, winter — or the illusion of the season, as it so often feels in Houston — means quieter touring patterns, especially right after the new year changeover. Still, the city is not without some live fun to be had. Make the most of the laid-back weeks the same you would the wildest.

Pick of the Week: BowiElvis Fest 2019
1.5 - The Continental Club

The first of two BowiElvis Fests taking place in Texas this week — the fun continues in Austin on the 6th — the celebration of the lives of The King and The Starman is also celebrating ten years of paying tribute to both. Ever imagine what thing would be like if their career arcs were reversed? Imagine Bowie setting up shop in Vegas. Imagine Elvis working with Nine Inch Nails. Alas, things are what they are, but no matter who you stan, it’ll be a fun celebration of two rock icons.

The Best of the Rest

Outside of Austin Fundraiser
1.3 - White Oak Music Hall

Cinema has an amazing power to shine a light on subjects in the world of music that don’t always get their proper shine. Hence our curiosity about the Outside of Austin documentary which focuses on the life and grind of those musicians in the Houston indie-rock scene. The names and faces might be known to you and me, but to the rest of the world, they could use some more love. This fundraiser for the film features performances by Wheel Workers, Velveteen Echo and more.

Alone on the Moon
1.4 - Rudyard’s

It always felt a little weird to me that Space City didn’t have more great post-rock groups; which a name like that, it just feels like we should have dozens and dozens of groups out there making interesting music to put with star footage. In a strong year of local releases, Alone on the Moon’s Spectra was my favorite of 2018, a well thought out blend of beauty and riffage that was a delight to listen to in moments of quiet and moments of trying to survive Houston freeways.

The 2019 South Coast Showcase
1.4 - White Oak Music Hall

Long before I wrote for one, my favorite thing about alt-weeklies was reading the music listings and looking for interesting band names. Pre-Spotify, pre-Youtube finding out anything about these bands with pretty tough, so hooray for technology that benefits the user and not the artist. Here are the five best band names playing this show:

5. After Hours
4. PAC-Man the Movie
3. Secretbeach
2. Mannequin Mishap
1. Chancla Fight Club

Cowboy Mouth
1.5 - Cottonwood

I don’t think we talk enough about Cotton Mouth when the conversation turns to the best one-hit-wonders of all time. I’d put “Jenny Says” up against 95 percent of the songs that come up in those conversations, and even that remaining 5 percent struggle to be as enjoyable as “Jenny Says” is live. Getting to see the second best drummer/singer of all time live for free is a nifty way to start of 2019.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.