Houston Concert Watch 1/9: Breathe Carolina and More

In fairness, crowds at Stereo Live rock outfits like this no matter how hot or cold it is.
In fairness, crowds at Stereo Live rock outfits like this no matter how hot or cold it is. Photo by Jack Gorman

While it may soon feel like Houston “winter” once again, if you’re like me odds are you’ve at least turned on the A/C once or twice while driving around town over the past few days. Fitting then that this week’s slate of concerts give off vibes that’ll put you closer to spring than they will to what is the coldest part of our year. Oh well, at least it means enjoying these shows in comfy clothes instead of under layers of jackets and hoodies. Enjoy.

Pick of the Week: Breathe Carolina
1.12 - Stereo Live

The first time I saw Breathe Carolina live, I was extremely impressed with how their blend of dance and pop-punk resonated with live crowds. The crossover between danceheads and the Warped Tour set is bigger than you’d guess, which should make for interesting times over at Stereo Live. BC still strikes me as a group who could be huge with just the right single. I put “Bang It Out” on a Pazz & Jop ballot a few years ago, and I have no regrets to this day.

The Best of the Rest
1.11-13 - Rudyard’s

We’ll have more on this show elsewhere on the site, but this three-day tribute to Punk Rock Stacy features an absolutely loaded lineup, including The Beaumonts, The Killer Hearts, Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll, The Cops, Something Fierce, Denim Demons, The Velostacks, Whorehound, Hell's Engine, Poor Dumb Bastards, Project Grimm, Slow Future, Cactus Flower, and Only Beast. Pay what you can at the door.
1.11 - White Oak Music Hall

This is a controversial opinion, but I’d put Bayside right up there in the discussion when things turn to the debate of “Best Track 1, Album 1.” “Masterpiece” might not make it into setlists these days, but it’s still a hell of a track. If you’re a fan of when the band slows down and breaks out the acoustic guitars, you’re in luck, because this is going to be a full-band acoustic show. Don’t be that person that tries to talk over the music; it’ll be extra rude on this night.
Danity Kane
1.11 - House of Blues

One of the things that I do as preparation for this column is look up the setlists for the performers I’m writing about. Fun fact: there is no setlist listed for DK since 2014 on as far as I can tell. That doesn’t mean anything except that those of you taking in this show can’t have it spoiled for you in advance and will just have to let their songs wash over you as they come. (Or you can poke about on Twitter, I suppose. You do you.) See, it’s possible to talk about Danity Kane without mentioning that TV show they were on.
The Murder City Devils
1.13 - White Oak Music Hall

There are a lot of acts that have used the “The [Location] [Noun]” naming structure, but no band in music history has ever sounded cooler than The Murder City Devils. Should the name work? Probably not, but it’s just perfect in how it rolls off the tongue and how it looks on a shirt. If you’re a fan of the band, you know what you’re getting into, so enjoy their latest swing into Texas and pick up a shirt while you’re at it.
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