Houston Concert Watch 2/6: Bring Me the Horizon and More

Between the weather and Bring Me the Horizon, we've getting Warped Tour vibes this week.
Between the weather and Bring Me the Horizon, we've getting Warped Tour vibes this week. Photo by Mitchell Nguyen
Yes, it does feel a bit gross outside at the present, a not totally pleasant reminder of Houston weather to come, but that doesn’t mean we can’t search for a silver lining or two. Yes, it’s a reminder that the sun will soon be beating down on us, but it’s also a reminder that festival season inches ever closer as the days get longer. At least you’ll soon be sweating for better reasons than “winter doesn’t really exist this far south.” It’s all about perspective. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing this week.

Show of the Week: Bring Me the Horizon
2.9 - Revention Music Center

Sure, not every band evolves, but more and more the idea of “selling out” seems to be something that modern artists care about less than their elders. BMTH’s career trajectory has seen them go from all-aggro to a band with more melody, willing to put Dani Filth on the same album as Grimes. They’ve made the shift about as gracefully as one can do so, and they still play enough of their older stuff that you can feel the chills when they play “Shadow Moses.”

The Best of the Rest:
Dillon Francis/Alison Wonderland
2.8 - Revention Music Center

If you’ve ever been to a dance show at Revention, you know things get packed in a hurry, and with this duo expect things to get wild early. Dillon Francis always kills it when he comes to town, whether indoors or at the beach, and Alison Wonderland has been making waves the last few years (and proving that women are just as good on the mainstage when they get the chance). This should be one of the best dance nights of the year at Revention.
Soccer Mommy
2.9 - White Oak Music Hall

Add your humble music writer to the list of folks who think that Soccer Mommy’s 2018 release Clean was one of the best records of the year. She hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down this year, already having releasing a new demo. There will be plenty to love, new and old, as she returns to Houston; just save your breath for singing instead of trying to talk over the music.
Women Rock! 2nd Annual Benefit Concert for Mildred’s Umbrella
2.9 - Rudyard’s

Talk about a stacked lineup: Miears, Pretty Vacant, Lazer Kittenz, Sarah Grace, Annika Chambers Band, Marina Rocks, Sweet Mama Cotton, Benita, Alli Villines, Quinn the Brain and The Midnight Papers. We’re crossing our fingers for new Miears jams, as she’s supposed to have a new release out later this year, but get there early to see some of the most talented acts around.
Vince Staples
2.10 - House of Blues

Y’all, how is Vince Staples only playing House of Blues? No disrespect, but Staples should be selling out some of the bigger rooms in this city already based on his talent and strength of releases. Easily one of the most interesting of the current crop of hip-hop rising stars, he’s a damned fine live performer too. Plus, you’ve got to root for someone who calls out the History Channel for not showing him more respect.
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