Houston Concert Watch 4/24 - Snoop Dogg, Al Green and More

Snoop Dogg, still killing it, figuratively of course.
Snoop Dogg, still killing it, figuratively of course. Photo by Marco Torres
Obviously, many of you are going to spend at least part of your weekend in a dark movie theater watching Endgame. I will, ticket availability permitting, be one of you. But, don't lose focus of all the great music options you have this week. How packed is this week? Here's a list of artists I'm not writing about but who are playing in the greater Houston area this week: U.S. Girls, Peter, Bjorn & John, 10,000 Maniacs, Liz Phair, and Erykah Badu, not to mention all the heaviness that is going down with the So What?! Music Festival. With that out of the way, these are the shows to pick if you want to maximize your live music time this week.

Pick of the Week: Snoop Dogg
4.25 - Smart Financial Centre

Hip-hop is still a relatively new genre in the grand arc of history, and many of the legends of the game have not exactly aged gracefully. Snoop is one of the exceptions, his combination of talent and natural charisma making him one of rap's elder statesmen and a performer many still get excited to see when he hits the road. If you're still celebrating 4/20 days after the fact, this show will keep your spirits high.

The Best of the Rest:
4.26 - White Oak Music Hall

Chvrches swung for the fences on Love is Dead, and for the most part it worked. A little glossier than previous releases, it managed to keep the band's heart without sounding too try-hard or feel like selling out. Their recent collaboration with Mashmello is keeping those good pop times rolling on. Lauren Mayberry has one of the best voices in music these days, and has become of the best frontpeople around over the past few years.
Leon Bridges
4.26 -  Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

It feels like enough time has passed since last year's Rodeo to welcome back Leon Bridges to town and just cross our fingers that all the associated weirdness of that situation has passed. Bridges is one of the most promising names in Texas music right now, and even if he hails from the north part of the state, anyone who Bun B is willing to share the stage is probably worth our support.
Dream Theater
4.30 - Revention Music Center

Dream Theater arrives in Houston with dual agendas. The first is to play some of the killer new tracks from their most recent release, Distance Over Time, an early contender for rock album of the year. The second is a celebration of their masterpiece, Metropolis 2: Scenes From a Memory, a glorious slice of cheesy prog-metal goodness that turns 20 this year. Whether you play air drums, air guitar, air keyboard or air bass, there will be ample chances to show off your skills at this one.
Al Green
4.30 - Smart Financial Centre

If it feels like it's been ages since you've seen the legend Al Green live, that might have a little thing to do with the fact that he hasn't been on the road in over half a decade. Celebrated by almost every music organization and award under the sun, Al Green is another one of the true greats that you should make time to celebrate in one of their rare appearances. 
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