Houston Concert Watch 10/17: Symphonic Prince, 88Rising and More

Gone, but never forgotten.
Gone, but never forgotten. Photo by Francisco Montes
Not every week can be packed with living legends and current megastars, but that doesn’t mean these lower key weeks are anything to be upset about. In fact, this week, in particular, should prove to contain some rather interesting experiences you aren’t likely to find elsewhere, and you should embrace them for all that they offer.

Pick of the Week: 4U: A Symphonic Celebration of Prince
10/18 - Smart Financial Centre

The Purple One is gone, but the Purple One lives on. Whether it’s through The Revolution or countless tribute acts, the music of Prince is still being performed for the masses. With tunes picked and arranged by Questlove of The Roots, 4U gives Prince’s songs the full symphony treatment sn the first (and, according to their press materials, only) estate-approved Prince celebration. If you always thought Prince could sound even more majestic, here’s your shot.

The Best of the Rest
10/20 - Smart Financial Centre

On the heels of Brockhampton’s trip to the city comes another collective, this one with a more global look. 88Rising may be based out of New York, but their ambitions span the world, and the record label/group/movement is bringing some of the brightest from their label including Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, KOHH, NIKI, AUGUST 08, and Don Krez for a show that’s going to scratch of those younger Houstonians looking for something outside the mainstream.
Neon Garden Anniversary Party
10/20 - Axelrad

Do you ever think about how the Super Mario Bros. main theme is one of the most well-known tunes in history? If video games and music are your jam, you should definitely check out what the crew behind Neon Garden has been cooking up over at Axelrad. For their big one year celebration, they’ll have performances by Watch The Duck, GHOST DATA, Tee Vee, JERK, Parker Luis Can't Lose, Lazybit Collective, and SIXIXIX, in addition to video game stations, visual art, and VR.
Melissa Etheridge
10/21 - Pearl Bar

Given her years of success, you might expect to find Melissa Etheridge somewhere like Smart Financial or the Arena Theater. But on this trip, you’ll find her in the confines of Pearl Bar as part of a fundraiser for Texas Democratic congressional candidate Dayna Steele. It should make for the most intimate performance she’s put on here in a long while.
10/22 - Warehouse Live

I’m a firm believer there are some artists you have to check off your live music bucket list, whether or not you care about their music. Gwar is one such band. Their live performances are legendary, full of over the top theatrics and gore the likes you won’t find elsewhere. Put on a clean white shirt, get messy, and keep that top as a reminder of what you survived.
Bonus Road Trip Pick: Bruno Mars or Britney Spears
10/20-10/21 - Austin

Only you know what type of pop music flag you wave, but the USGP doesn’t mess around when it comes to pulling out all the stops over at the Circuit of the Americas. This year’s loaded lineup includes the greatest male pop performer of our day and a queen whose popularity lives on to this day. Pick one or pick both; either way, you’re in for something.
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