Lord Huron Bring Back Their Infectious Folk

Lord Huron re-invent themselves on "Vide Noir."
Lord Huron re-invent themselves on "Vide Noir."
Photo by Pamela Littky
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Lord Huron has always evoked change, and on their latest release Vide Noir, they change things up in the most interesting way. The Los Angeles-based band that mixes folk with indie pop lead by Ben Schneider got their start a far way from what they are now.

"I was in Michigan for a wedding and I started recording songs. Originally just doing things as bedroom recordings, though we're a six-piece now. Getting to play every night with your best friends is cool, so it's nice to have my best buds with me out there," Schneider says.

The band, around since 2010 released their debut album Lonesome Dreams in 2012 to much success in terms of sales and chart reach.

"It's impossible to predict what will work and what won't," Schneider says. "We just tour the hell outta' what we make and try to make it interesting. We got lucky and we just tried to make it as interesting as we could so people can and will pay for it. It's easy to get worried about the unknown. Today, with sales where they're at for everyone, we just tour non-stop."

The band's latest release was done with famed producer Dave Fridmann who's worked with the likes of Tame Impala, Flaming Lips, and Baroness. In many ways, Schneider was always looking to Fridmann for the album. "He was always on records I loved. He's a busy guy, and it looked like we couldn't schedule him to mix. Then a hole opened up in his schedule and we went with him to New York City to do it. He did more than just work on the record, he also taught us about life balance between a creative life and everything else.

"I think a big part of recording is growing as a live band and incorporating that into the record. With this record we were trying to paint an urban landscape and doing it in a raw space made things come out differently."

The band's live shows have always been noteworthy, full of energy and plenty of fun for anyone catching them. For this tour, the band is up for the challenge to make things more involved with the audience. "The live show is constantly evolving. We used to play rooms ranging from 200 to 1,300 capacity in size, though now the rooms we're playing in are more consistent in size. We're feathering in a new visual aspect with a whole new batch of songs for this tour. Tweaking things to make it a more immersive experience, to take the audience on a strange trip with us."

You can stream Vide Noir as well as the rest of the band's catalog on all streaming platforms, or order it on multiple platforms and bundles directly from the band's web store.  You can take the strange trip with the band, when they perform at Revention Music Center on September 27. The all ages show has a support set from Cut Worms as well. Doors at 7 p.m.; tickets $31.

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