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Traveling And Singing: The Flinns Release "One Of These Days"

Brittney and Max Flinn released "One Of These Days" during their busy summer and will perform on Wednesday, July 13 at The Dosey Doe.
Brittney and Max Flinn released "One Of These Days" during their busy summer and will perform on Wednesday, July 13 at The Dosey Doe. Photo by Howard Grayboff
Sometimes a song can hit the listener right in the gut, making them feel like it was written just for them. For Brittney and Max Flinn, the Emmy Lou Harris version of the sweet country “One Of These Days” was it.

The couple released their version of this song as a single earlier this summer on all streaming platforms and will perform together on Wednesday, July 13 at the Dosey Doe Breakfast, BBQ and Whiskey Bar.

“It hasn't been recorded in 47 years and it was never a single for anyone, says Max. “It’s just such a great song. It could be a smash hit if some big star wanted to do that but the main thing is it just embodies our spirit.”

“One Of These Days” describes a yearning for freedom and desire to experience the shifting dynamics in life at one’s own pace, a concept which resonates deeply with the Flinns who for four years now have spent every summer traveling across the United States and performing together.

“It is a blessing really,” says Max of their yearly excursions. “We try to share God's creation when we are not performing. We love to get out there.”

The song, originally written by legendary Nashville songwriter Earl “Peanutt” Montgomery, has been covered not only by Harris, and now the Flinns, but was also a duet for George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

In true Nashville style of the area, Jones and Wynette added extra flair, instrumentation and verses to the song while Harris kept it a simple, straight to the heart folk song. When the Flinns approached the song, they intentionally kept it simple, letting the lyrics and richness of their voices tell the story.

The couple went to Austin to record with Brian Douglas Phillips, a producer Max found through the work of David Ramirez. “I wanted a real Americana sound for it so that's why we went out there as opposed to doing the whole Nashville production thing,” says Max who travels to Nashville frequently to work as a songwriter.

“One Of These Days” shows off both Max and Brittney’s impressive vocal abilities as solo singers and also the power of their harmonizing. Initially the Flinns, who have been married for three years, didn’t know the potential for collaborating as Brittney humbly kept her singing skills under the radar when she met Max.

The couple, who met one night while Max was performing at the now defunct Nightingale Room, was still getting to know each other and Brittney didn’t want to seem like she was invading his creative space by sharing her talent but once she did, Max describes hearing her beautiful voice for the first time with shock, wonder and admiration.

Brittney, who moved to Houston in 2014 from Minnesota to pursue teaching, works full time teaching middle school math at St. John's. For the couple, the summer provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where both have distinct working schedules with Max performing at night and Brittney working early morning at St. Johns.

“As we've come out here, traveled and put ourselves out there in different places, invariably it's always lead to more opportunities,” describes Max of their summer tours which also allow him to shift from his solo career including Brittney into performances that during the school year she is just too busy to be a part of making their Dosey Doe performance a rare chance to see the duo close to home before they travel to Alaska.

“It’s been really cool how these opportunities and taking these leaps of faith have snowballed into other things as well,” says Max.

When asked if this single has pushed the duo to consider recording an album together, both admit they get plenty of pressure from fans on the road which has led them to focus on writing together this summer.

“Writing together is another story because it's like really working together and sometimes you have to be in the right headspace for that, especially doing that with your significant other,” says Brittney. “Combining business with pleasure, a lot of times that can be difficult. It can get a little frustrating but there's times when it flows.”

"One Of These Days" is available for streaming now. Max and Brittney Flinn will perform on Wednesday, July 13 at The Dosey Doe, 2626 Research Forest. Doors at 5:30 p.m, show at 7 p.m. $5.
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