Houston Concert Watch 1/30: Fleetwood Mac and More

Yes, both of this pair are still in Fleetwood Mac.
Yes, both of this pair are still in Fleetwood Mac. Photo by Jack Gorman
Were it not for some cancellations, this list might have looked very different. First, there was the High on Fire show that got axed because of health issues related to Matt Pike's diabetes. A huge bummer for local metal fans, but here's hoping Pike can rebound and get back out on the road sooner rather than later. The other big cancellation this week was the Violent J/Esham tour, for reasons I don't believe were ever explained, which means your impossible dream of hearing "Thug Pit" live just got a little more impossible. Alas, brave music fans, we soldier on with this lineup of shows that, for now at least, are still happening.

Pick of the Week: Fleetwood Mac
2/6 - Toyota Center

The story of Fleetwood Mac continues to add new chapters, the latest being the band separating from guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. While his distinctive style of guitar playing will be missed, the rest of the group’s classic lineup is still there, which means getting to see modern goddess Stevie Nicks in the flesh. There are certain things that are always true, and one of those is that if you have the chance to hear “The Chain” live, you take it, because that bass work is too sweet to pass up, no matter who is in the group.

The Best of the Rest:
2/1 - Scout Bar

Word of warning: Scout Bar is going to be packed for this one. Sevendust may never have found the mainstream success they rightfully deserved, but they remain a favorite among hard rock fans due to some killer riffs and Lajon Witherspoon’s distinctive vocals. No word on what the set for this one will look like, but maybe if you put as many good vibes in the air as you can they’ll add “Home” into the regular setlist — they did play it on New Year’s Eve, after all.
Peter Murphy
2/2 - White Oak Music Hall

There’s not a ton for me to add to what my fellow HP writer David Ensminger has already said, other than to point out that I’m surprised more people don’t push for Bauhaus to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, I get that we had to rally around The Cure first, but Bauhaus was just as important an influence on certain other acts that are almost certainly going to be inducted that it seems weird that no one even hints at their candidacy. Something to consider while you’re waiting for the legend to take the stage.
Disney’s DCappella
2/2 - Smart Financial Center

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your kids, real ones, like giving up the last slice of a particularly good cake of sitting through “Let It Go” for the dozenth time. Listen, you take your gateways to live music affection where you can find them, and if that means sitting through some of Disney favorites, but acapella style this time, you do it. No clue what the setlist for this will look like, other than that it includes the Frozen song that will not die. Your kid is worth it.
Paul Oakenfold
2/2 - Cle

There’s something really cool about the fact that so many of the legendary DJs that built the foundations for mainstream EDM are out on the road during these chilly times. Sure, it be just as fun to catch up during the summer, but the winter gives you even more reason to dance because staying warm is important. Oakenfold has worked with some of the biggest names in music and was twice voted the best DJ in the world, so yes, this show is going to be, at worst, pretty good.
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