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Things to Do This Weekend If You're (Almost) Broke: "Thriller" at Midnight at Numbers, Free Tickets and More

What's the best thing about going to see live music? Frickin' air conditioning, because even the dingiest dive will be pumping out some sort cooled air to calm down all you crybabies who forgot sometime after Ms. Pelz's tenth-grade IPC class that we live in a humid-as-shit subtropical climate next to a huge heated body of water.

That being said, we came up with a few things you can do starting tonight that don't cost more than ten bucks. Why did we come up with this list? Because the economy is in shambles on the ground. Duh. If you weren't paying attention in Mrs. Lowe's senior economics class you would realize that external debt, baby boomers retiring, corporate debt, mortgage debt, a low savings rate, falling house prices, and a large current account deficit are all contributing to you not wanting to shill out an extra five bucks to see a tribute band.

And speaking of tribute bands, just you wait till the end of this post for some free tickets...


Head on up to Numbers around 9 p.m. and witness the last edition of Shoe's "Unknown Pleasures" DJ set before the freaks and cougars come out to dance with younger prey during "Classic Numbers" with DJ Wes Wallace. Of course tonight's festivities will be MJ-loaded, with the club showing the "Thriller" video in its entirety at midnight. The price for people-watching shouldn't top five bucks, and drinks are always hella cheap.

Maxwell and His Demons hit the stage at Super Happy Fun Land for some Smoking Popes-influenced indie crunch around 10 p.m. As with most SHFL affairs, the recommended cover is never more than ten bucks.

Sara Van Buskirk and company hold acoustic court at Avant Garden off Westheimer. This should be a very emotional show, as this will be the first show for her crew since their friend and colleague Dave Rask passed away. Cover should be around six dollars.


John Egan swoops into Cactus Music at 3 p.m. for a free show, which of course will include free beer from Saint Arnold's. No doubt this somber and visceral artist will make you forget about your grass slowly being turning to dust by the sun.

San Diego's Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash will darken the doors of the Armadillo Palace around 10 p.m. for a set of twingling Americana. We are sure the hardy drinkers in the house will be much obliged by the band's haunting twang. $9.

Weed-metallers Last Rosary waft into Walter's for their usual punishing grind and pummel. GREEN NOT SCENE! Sever The Silence and Diminished open.

One our favorite recent MySpace finds, Skyler Stonestreet coos out sweet little ditties about love and stuff, reminding us of a sultrier Regina Spektor. Are there such things as male groupies? Admission is free, but it may be a drive: Stonestreet starts around 8 p.m. out at Spring Tavern on the far, far northside. Rocks Off will have an interview with Ms. Stonestreet


Round out your weekend decadence with a four-hour set of punk and New Wave over at Rocbar with DJ Mohawk Steve. They may have tried to kill Bob Dylan a few months back, but it looks like Rocbar is fighting the good fight for punk rock. Admission is free, but we hear drinks are a bit on the pricey end.

We keep hearing of La Roux all over the internets being some sort of new-style Faint deal from across the pond in England. It all seems catchy enough from what we've seen on YouTube, latching on to the whole Lady Gaga business going on and what not. Tonight South Beach of California will be hosting a listening party for the new album that stores Stateside Tuesday.

And finally...

Journey fans rejoice! Frontiers is the preeminent Steve Perry & Co. tribute band and they are hitting up the House of Blues Saturday night for a massive set of songs that you know by heart but won't admit to. The tribute act is so crazy beloved, they even have their own annual five-day sea cruise devoted to them. The next one sets sail in January, if you are feeling froggy.

We have sitting up here at the Press' front desk, all by their lonesome, a whole heaping stack of free tickets just waiting for all of you to come by to snatch up. 1621 Milam, Suite 100 downtown, at the corner of Milam and Pease.
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