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Dear Willie D:

Donald Trump has stated on numerous occasions that he believes the presidential election is rigged. I agree with him that the media is biased toward Hillary Clinton. They love to pounce on Trump for every little thing, while crooked Killary literally has been allowed to get away with murder, not to mention exposing our nation to possible harm with her illegal email violations.

She’s the worst candidate for president ever. It’s like they’re trying to give her the election because she’s a woman. Donald Trump is the only person who can save our country.

Rigged Election:

I don’t think the election is rigged per se, but it is subject to abuse and fraud. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rigged. The global elite controls everything. As for your "Donald Trump is the only person that can save America" claim, America is so divided that there’s no one person who can save her. It’s going to take all 300 million-plus citizens to do that — starting with yourself.


Dear Willie D:

I’m a man who has a female friend who lets her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend sleep in bed with her with the door open. The daughter is 15 years old. She swears they’re not having sex, because as she puts it, her daughter would tell her. She really believes this. I told her that the boy is 16, so he is definitely thinking about sex if he isn’t already getting it.

How can I make her understand what she’s allowing to happen under her roof is not right, and could get her in serious trouble with the law?

Male Friend:

You were right in telling her that her daughter is having sex. As for getting into trouble with the law, I’m not clear on that. One would be wise to check with state laws in that regard. At any rate, the mother’s recklessness makes me wonder where her parents were.


Dear Willie D:

Hello. First off, I want to thank the hip-hop world — Rap-A-Lot — for paying for my brother's funeral. I never got into my brother's public life, but we talked privately. He always called me when he needed me or when things bothered him. He called and joked a lot too. I never handled or mishandled money for him. I was with him at the hospital all the time.

He was kicked out of two hospitals before he asked me to take him somewhere to get help where they didn't know who he was. I did all I could.

My question is, how do I stop people from profiting off of his work? They're trying to put a tombstone on his grave. I've asked that all funds go to the cemetery and no family member, because so many people had funds and collected money. My brother loved hip-hop. Rappers are doing shouts and getting recognition.

How can this be stopped without stopping him from being remembered?

My Brother’s Keeper:

Who is your brother?


Dear Willie D:

I started a medical-supplies business with my friend of 13 years. Everything was fine until we ran into issues with overhead costs. Since the loan was in my name and I put up most of the money for our lease, equipment and supplies, I asked my partner to step up and float the expenses for a few months.

Instead of his agreeing, he went on the defense and accused me of trying to run everything. So I told him, you know what, you’re right. I am trying to run everything, so I’m going to step back and let you run the show. He told me he didn’t want the responsibility, and that he wanted to dissolve the business and split the assets 50/50.

We have a DBA, but we don’t have an agreement outlining shares or percentage of ownership. I told him he has to be crazy if he thinks I’m giving him 50 percent when I put up most of the money, and I’m still paying off the loan for the business under my name. My lawyer is already on the case, and it’s being mediated.

This battle has driven a wedge between our families. Can this once unbreakable bond between old friends ever be repaired?

Business Issues:

If you want the relationship to be sustainable after the lawsuit, tell him so and shake hands when the dust settles. It may take some time for the wounds to heal, but if you really think it’s worth it, take a few months off from communicating with him, then give him a call.

It’s possible that you guys could save your friendship, but I don’t know why you would want to. Your boy sounds like a leech.
He didn’t make the original tackle to build the business. You did, and he piled on. As such, he should be happy with whatever he gets.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.