This Grandpa Only Knows Five Bands On This Year's Warped Tour

It's my job to have at least a passing knowledge of what most bands and artists sound like. In my one of seven capacities here at the paper, I am in charge of music listings, those things in the back of the paper that tell you what is happening every week.

(While I am on the subject, I need let you guys in on a secret. Sometimes there is more space for listings one week in the print issue than there is for others, which means sometimes I have to cut some of the copy. Fear not, all of your club shows are still contained in our online listings.)

Part of that job is classifying each name I see into a category. I have about 100 or so to choose from in our database, and only use about 15 of them. So that means I listen to at least 30 seconds of everything that I type in, so I don't list Big Time Rush as a metal act.

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Craig Hlavaty
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