This Just In: Making Faces Again

Fans of the rooster haircut and pub rock, rejoice! London’s The Mirror is reporting this afternoon that the surviving Faces are gearing up for rehearsals next week with a reunion tour to follow in the summer. All original living members are said to be involved, including keyboardist Ian McClagan, who has been an Austin-music fixture since relocating there in 1994. His weekly residency at Lucky Lounge is said to be killer.

The only thing presumably stopping this whole thing from going off without a hitch is guitarist Ronnie Wood falling off the wagon. (What’s up with all the cart and buggy imagery when it comes to sobriety, anyway?) It seems like before each of these last few Rolling Stones cash-hauling jaunts, dude has had to go to rich-people rehab to exercise the booze demons. As for Rod Stewart, watching old clips of the Faces online you almost forget about all of the aural atrocities he’s inflicted in the past few decades. Remember that weird “Forever Young” video where he kidnaps a little redheaded kid and whisks him off for a scenic tour of America’s heartland? Let’s not forget that whole Your-Mom-Approved Great American Songbook business either. Maybe this project will stop the madness for awhile. - Craig Hlavaty

Faces, “Pool Hall Richard”

Ian McClagan, “You’re So Rude”

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.