This Just In: Notsuoh May (or May Not) Have Been Sold

Here we go again, folks. The weekly Notsuoh Realtors Watch went on high alert yesterday upon this MySpace blog by the landmark scene-spot's owner, Jim Pirtle:

my phone was out of commission for a week and yesterday morning I hear this loud knocking on my plywood....i go down stairs and my real estate broker says the investment banker dude is freaking out that i did not make a counter offer to his lowball price,,,,yeah so what the guy knows my price and that wasn't even close.....three hours later there is another offer and well what the fuck it's fairly close and in cash and I am told I have 24 hours to decide and he wants me out in a month if I say yes...(funny that ruining a cell phone and ignoring the world turned out to be very shrewd business)

Ladyheat, "Limousine Live" at Notsuoh, 2008

Rocks Off contacted Pirtle via email and he remained tight-lipped - or is it tight-keyed for email? - on the finality of the sale, not divulging any other details other than what he posted on the blog.

He did warn Rocks Off that "Real estate is very tricky...and what you write today may be wrong tomorrow....so be careful." Coupled with that quote and the aforementioned blog, make of this what you will. Honestly Rocks Off won't call the game until the last mannequin leaves the premises.

Meanwhile, bands with pending shows are on a wait-and-see status; the next scheduled show is Friday night with locals the Delta Block and Memphis' Antique Curtains. - Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.