This Rap Party Is Two Things: Tea And Lame

So there is a rap song for the Tea Party, "That's a Tea Party" by Polatik. Now, Rocks Off has heard rap used for many different purposes. We've heard it try and justify the money we wasted going to see Deep Blue Sea. We've heard it from the mouth of WWE's Undertaker. And now we've heard it try and convince the YouTube generation that being radically right wing is somehow cool.

Stop it. Just... stop it.

Demographic studies show that the Tea Party remains very white, pretty male, fairly over 40 years old and - most importantly - lame. This University of Washington poll shows half of its supporters to be "racially resentful" and overwhelmingly anti-gay. OK, so that's actually pretty in line with rappers, according to our own (quite informal) survey.

Does rap belong solely to young, angry black men? No, of course not. Anyone can pick up a mike and take their shot. Still, this is not exactly the ideological womb that spawned the rappers of today, even the Caucasian ones.

Polatik may be Mexican-American, and his Web site's mission statement cannot be taken as anything other than sincere, but this is still a music video full of squares trying to look cool.

Please stick to Ted Nugent. As an art form, rap can't take much more of this.

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