This Week In Beyonce: Obsessed Rules, The Great Vienna Caper and More

Just today, as Rocks Off was remarking that "people are sick of PG-13 kiddie-suspense movies where there's no graphic violence or tits," he was informed that Beyonce's PG-13 thriller Obsessed took the No. 1 spot at the box office last weekend with $25 million, and had the largest-grossing opening of any release for the last week in April - ever. Boy, is our thumb ever not on the pulse of America's cinematic tastes. It was an unusual week, even for Beyonce. Hot on the heels of the news of her film's success (and gawdawful reviews) were reports that she had "skived off" a museum tour (that's either English slang or a typo we've never seen) by sending a lookalike in her place while she went shopping. It was discovered later that Beyonce had nothing to do with the skiving, it was all a stunt perpetrated by an Austrian radio station. Frankly, we find it difficult to believe anyone fell for it. That lady looks more like a malnourished Tyra Banks than BeBe. Maybe she can sing?

As for the rest of this week's news, it's pretty sparse. B

got a little choked up talking about her mom

, she may or may not have

started using a new stylist

(she does look pretty snazzy), and she's making plans to record with

UK artist Adele

, who made us and Beyonce both feel old by saying she "grew up listening to Destiny's Child." The hell? How old is this person? Upon further research, Adele is 21, a full seven years younger than Beyonce. She also has a Grammy, so we'll let it slide. Finally, we are completely digging Beyonce's adorableness in these new Nintendo DS commercials (above).

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