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This Week In Beyonce: The Kanye Remixes "Ego," Crossing the Street, Hairstyle Retrospective, Jonas Brothers Love and More

Can the world handle this much "Ego"? Kanye remixes B's latest hit.

TWIB loves Beyonce so much that we even put up with people covering her songs, for example up-and-coming R&B crooner Mateo and Teairra Mari doing "Diva."

"Diva" is definitely our word of the day, but then again, we are talking about Beyonce here. Who really does being a diva better than her? She can't even be bothered to cross the street on her own.

Would you Be-weave all the accomplishments Beyonce has made already?

Beyonce is so big, even the JoBros want to be like her. (TWIB couldn't resist.)

Beyonce said that she has never felt heartache because her one and only love is her husband Jay-Z. You'd never guess that by new video "Broken Hearted Girl."

If for some reason you didn't already know, now you do: don't mess with Ms.B. Especially not with her money.

We all say she's superhuman, but there's a chance she might be soon: Beyonce may star as Wonder Woman.

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