This Week In Beyonce: Who Dares Cover the Queen?

Not strictly a cover, just one of those things we never get tired of posting...

As if Queen B weren't (Sasha) fierce enough on her own, it seems her majesty's minions - let's face it, we're all her royal peons; there isn't anyone left on Earth who hasn't heard one of her songs, or doesn't tap their foot a bit when "Single Ladies" comes on - adore their queen so much that they dare to be like her. In this case, Rocks Off is speaking of the numerous individuals who dare to cover - or remix, or mash up - one of her songs. Some come off like bad karaoke, but minus the anger that comes from knowing you paid a two-drink minimum for this crap. Others are admirable, introducing an artist some might be put off by to a different demographic. Together, they help push the world's most famous Houstonian to whatever status is beyond "superstar."

Sugarland, "Irreplaceable"
Florence and the Machine, "Halo"Pattern Is Movement, "Crazy In Love"

Mr. Little Jeans, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)":

DJ Earworm, "If I Were a Free Fallin' Boy" (Beyonce/Tom Petty mash-up)

Kate Nash, "Irreplaceable"

Beyonce feat. the Cure, "Emo Ladies (Terry Urban Remix)"

Grand Atlantic, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

Switchfoot, "Crazy In Love"

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