Houston Concert Watch 11/4: Nothing More, Charley Crockett and More

Charley Crockett, who visits the Heights Theater this week
Charley Crockett, who visits the Heights Theater this week Photo By Lyza Renee
This article was filed long before talking heads started tallying votes and making predictions, so I have no idea who our president for the next for years will be, if Kim Ogg will remain Harris County's DA or if Ed Gonzalez will still be our sheriff. But surely I'm not the only one exhausted by this seemingly endless election, so for anyone else who needs a reprieve from politics we have again put together a list of some of the best streaming concerts happening this week. There are even some in-person events at the Heights Theater. Hope you all have a great week.

Nothing More
Live-Stream – 11.06

San Antonio rockers Nothing More have had a good few years. Following the release of The Stories We Tell Ourselves in 2017, the band received three Grammy nods for their efforts: a nomination for Best Rock Album, another for Best Rock Song and a third for Best Rock Performance. The native Texans didn’t win any awards, but the buzz had begun. The world had been made aware of a well-kept Lone Star secret, and Nothing More now boasts more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut outing The Few Not Fleeting, the alternative-leaning, metal-influenced quartet will live-stream a performance on Friday.

Rufus Wainwright
Live-Stream – 11.06

Elton John once called Rufus Wainwright "the greatest songwriter on the planet." Can it get any better than that? The son of a pair of musicians, the Canadian singer-songwriter has been touring since the tender age of 13. More than three decades later, Wainwright remains one of the most talented composers in the industry, with nine studio albums, three live records and dozens of features to his name. On Friday, fans can tune into the fifth of 18 live-streams that sees the New York native performing his studio albums in chronological order.

Charley Crockett
Heights Theater – 11.06/11.07

Borrowing his namesake from the American folk hero Davy Crockett — whom he cites as a distant relative —Charley Crockett kick-started his career by train-hopping across the country, performing wherever he could find a bar stool and a microphone. In recent years, the blues travelin' Texan settled in Dallas, where he won a few awards and developed his catalog, which now boasts six albums since 2015. Even open heart surgery couldn't keep Crockett from recording The Valley, his latest record, and touring in support of it. See him at the Heights Theater on either Friday or Saturday night.

Bowling For Soup
Live-Stream – 11.07

For more than 25 years, Texas’ own Bowling For Soup has been sharing its unique (read: smartass) take on pop-rock. A quarter century in the music business is quite the feat no matter the artist, but it’s even more impressive considering the fact that this quartet never took itself very seriously. With 10 studio albums and a Grammy nomination to their name, the Denton rock outfit has proved to be more than a flash in the pan thanks in no small part to a dedicated fanbase. See them perform this Saturday.

Sara Evans
Live-Stream – 11.09

Sara Evans has been forging her own path in the music business for more than two decades now, and she continues to delight, most recently with her 10th studio album Copy That. Her latest offering boasts a little something for everyone, with songs ranging from classic country to gospel-inspired. Evans’ voice, unsurprisingly, seamlessly transitions between roles, making for an enjoyable 53 minutes of good tunes. The Missouri native, who cites Reba McEntire as an influence, will perform via Instagram on Monday night.
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