Houston Concert Watch 8/10: Los Lobos, Father John Misty, and More

Los Lobos has played at the White House, but tonight they will perform in the somewhat more humble confines of the Heights Theater.
Los Lobos has played at the White House, but tonight they will perform in the somewhat more humble confines of the Heights Theater. Public Domain
Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion will co-host “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night as part of the program’s Superstar Super Summer series. Here’s hoping that she can temper Fallon’s worst fanboy tendencies and convince him that he really should ditch that fake laugh. But Megan will only be there for the one night, so it’s probably best to keep our expectations realistic. Meanwhile, Houston music fans have a number of treats in store this week.
Last year, Los Lobos paid tribute to their hometown of Los Angeles (well, technically the band members are from East L.A., as they will tell you) with the album Native Sons. It’s a wonderful collection of songs by L.A. bands that influenced Los Lobos during their formative years, and the track list is tremendous, including “Bluebird / For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield), “Sail on, Sailor” (the Beach Boys) and “The World is a Ghetto” (WAR). Here’s hoping that some of these tunes are played tonight when Los Lobos performs at the Heights Theater. Is there a better band in America? Probably not.
After a stint as the drummer for Fleet Foxes, Josh Tillman adopted the persona of Father John Misty and set out on his own, establishing a solo career while contributing to albums by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Post Malone. Misty brings his act to the White Oak Music Hall on Thursday in support of his latest album, Chloë and the Next 20th Century. Misty is well aware that his music isn’t for everyone, remarking in an interview, “I’m not my biggest fan either. The criticisms that people have of me now are the same criticisms that my teachers, parents, and pastors had of me as a child: that I talk too much, that I’m loud, that I’m self-obsessed. It’s the same shit.”
Houston favorite Lisa Morales has been busy in the studio recording a new album, She Ought to Be King. On Saturday, Morales will celebrate her new record with an early show at the Mucky Duck. Of the title, Morales says, “I’ve been looking at how strong we women are. We keep evolving and gaining more confidence with time. We don’t sink into our own shoes — we stand taller in them.”
It must have been something growing up as the little sister of OG rock and roller Jerry Lee Lewis, aka “The Killer.” And it must have been challenging to establish a career in the music business with that kind of looming shadow. Nevertheless, Linda Gail Lewis dove right into the deep end of the pool, going on the road with her brother when she was only 14. As noted in the Press earlier this week, Lewis will play at the Continental Club Saturday night as part of her Family Jewels tour, accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law. If she is even a fraction as rambunctious as her older brother, it should be a wild night.
There’s nothing like an oldies show with multiple acts stacked up on the bill. The object is to take audience members back to their carefree salad days, and this Sunday’s concert at the Smart Financial Centre will certainly do the trick for folks who remember the debut of MTV. Former soap opera heartthrob Rick Springfield (“Jessie’s Girl”) will anchor a roster that includes Men at Work (“Down Under”) and John Waite (“Missing You”). Fun fact: Neil Giraldo (Mr. Pat Benatar) played the cool guitar intro on “Jessie’s Girl” and produced John Waite’s debut album, Ignition. There is no significant connection between Giraldo and Men at Work, aside from the guitarist maybe eating a Vegemite sandwich from time to time.
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