Houston Concert Watch 8/2: Kenny Loggins, George Clinton and More

George Clinton and Parliament / Funkadelic will play at the House of Blues on Sunday.  Concerts from Kenny Loggins, Terry Rogers, Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra are also on tap this week.
George Clinton and Parliament / Funkadelic will play at the House of Blues on Sunday. Concerts from Kenny Loggins, Terry Rogers, Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra are also on tap this week. Photo by Richard Anderson. Creative Commons.
Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, passed away earlier this week, and with his passing, his love of rock and roll must be remembered. For instance, the “Tequila” dance in the film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, not to mention the “Little Richard on Ice” segment from the television holiday special “Christmas at Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” But maybe the best example was a cameo by Twisted Sister in Big Adventure. As can be seen here, the band is shooting a music video as Pee-wee passes by, chased by Godzilla and Santa Claus. Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider recalls that Reubens wasn’t interested in having the band play its hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Instead, he wanted something darker, opting instead for “Burn in Hell.” As Snider says, “Metal!”

Ticket Alert
Tickets are on sale Friday for a second Jonas Brothers concert at Toyota Center, scheduled for Monday, October 23. If you want to splurge, VIP packages will be up for grabs on Thursday, as will a “verified fan” presale. Hit the link for the ins and outs.

The Welsh band Bullet for My Valentine will play at the House of Blues on Tuesday, November 7, and tickets are on sale now. Since the band members incorporate catchy melodies and big choruses into many of their songs, there has been some discussion as to whether or not they quality for the “heavy metal” label. Regardless, it will be loud!

Concerts This Week
While Kenny Loggins is “alright” (as he sang in Caddyshack) and certainly not in “the danger zone,” he is leaving the road behind. One would assume that this is so he can spend more time being, well, “footloose.” Ok, I’m done. This being the case, Loggins fans will want to head for the Smart Financial Centre on Thursday and catch The King of the Movie Soundtrack on what is said to be his final tour, billed (appropriately) as “This Is It!” And lest we forget, Loggins is also known in some circles as The King of Yacht Rock, though perhaps not by Jimmy Messina (check out their meeting at around 2:00).
Terry Rogers (aka Little Terry) has been playing the blues around Houston for decades, steadily building his reputation as a badass harmonica player. You won’t find a better interpreter of classic, old-school Chicago-style blues than this guy – technique, phrasing, even vintage mics and amps. If you dig the Mississippi saxophone (and who doesn’t?), check out Little Terry on Friday at the Big Easy. And be sure to request his house-rocking version of “She Wants to Sell My Monkey,” which includes some audience participation.
According to many folks, it’s something of a miracle that George Clinton is still around and performing these days. Let’s just say that everyone’s favorite funky octogenarian has some miles on him, along with a history of unbridled fun. The founder of Parliament / Funkadelic will perform on Sunday at the House of Blues, with a setlist that should include “Flashlight,” “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)” and “Atomic Dog.” As George says, “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”
On Monday, Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra will be at the 713 Music Hall, a stop on their “Amplified Echoes” tour. It’s a co-headlining jaunt, which isn’t uncommon, but the bands have taken things a step further, each releasing a cover of a song by their tourmates. Jimmy Eat World recorded “Telepath,” while Manchester Orchestra did “Table for Glasses.” ‘Cause Knowledge is Power: Lead singer Andy Hull chose “Manchester” for the band’s name because he “had gone through a summer of listening to nothing but The Smiths.” Seems reasonable to me.
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