Thrash Supergroup Pasadena Napalm Division Musters Debut Album

Hold on to your flip-brim hats: New music by Pasadena Napalm Division, the local thrash-metal supergroup featuring members of D.R.I. and deadhorse, is on the way. The band announced last week that it has signed a deal with San Francisco-based Minus Head records to release its debut album this year.

That's most welcome news to the denim vest set. Comprising D.R.I. vocalist Kurt Brecht and deadhorse guitarists Greg Martin and Scott Sevall and drummer Ronnie Guyote, PND dropped a mosh-tastic EP full of exactly the kind of crossover-thrash rippers you'd expect from such a crew back in 2010. The band played some shows around the state to promote that release, but seemed to fizzle out not long after.

Luckily, napalm itself is notoriously tough to extinguish. I gave Brecht a call to get the scoop on the band's recent activities (and inactivity).

"A few years back, D.R.I. took a few years off due to some health problems of my guitar player," Brecht explained. "During that time, out of the ashes of what was deadhorse, those guys got back together and decided to start a new band. They heard I was hanging around town and called me and asked if I wanted to jam with them."

The musicians ended up calling it Pasadena Napalm Division and began playing a steady stream of shows.

The six-song EP followed soon after, and the band wasted no time in writing and recording a full-length follow-up at Austin's Music Lab with ex-Verbal Abuse guitarist Bubba Dennis on bass. Even as downtime led to the band's formation, however, it threatened to keep the members apart, too.

"Once the full-length was done, we were trying to find a record label, so we took a little time off," Brecht said. "Well, deadhorse got back together and started playing some shows and D.R.I. went back out on the road, and it's just now coming around to the time that we've got a record label to put the album out for us."

PND waited a year to find the right label home.

The new disc should be worth that wait: As an added bonus, Pasadena Napalm Division recruited the likes of Municipal Waste front man Tony Foresta and deadhorse singer Mike Argo to add guest vocals to the record.

When will fans get to hear those contributions? Well... soon. A press release last week claimed the album would drop in April, but Brecht now says the date isn't quite set in stone.

"I thought that the album was going to come out April 9, but now they say they're trying to coordinate it with the European release, so it might be a little bit later than that," he said.

"We're trying to coordinate some shows around that time for the release of the album so we can make the most of it all between D.R.I. tours and deadhorse shows and everything else."

Certainty, it seems, simply doesn't suit some bands. There is one thing about the record that deck-grinding heshers can be sure of, though:

"It's old-school-style crossover thrash," said Brecht, chuckling a bit. "I don't know how else to really describe it. It's just the natural sound that comes out of the five of us."

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