Three 6 Mafia Along With Paul Wall & Chamilllionaire Shut Down The House of Blues

Three 6 Mafia hit the House of Blues stage
Three 6 Mafia hit the House of Blues stage Photo by Darrin Clifton
“We’re in Houston so we're gonna do something special” yelled DJ Paul as he walked across the stage to stand next to Juicy J. The beginning of Outkast and UGK’s "International Players Anthem" filled the main hall at the House of Blues.

“We produced this,” beamed Juicy J as the packed house begin to whip out their phones and start recording. The original version of the song boomed through the speakers as Juicy J and DJ Paul, better known as Three 6 mafia, performed their version that would have been released were it not for their record company.

“Rest in peace Pimp C,” exclaimed DJ Paul as the sample of Willie Hutch’s “I Choose You” reverberated through the room.

The iconic Memphis rap group recently put their differences aside to reunite for show. After the success of their Verzuz battle with Bone Thugs n harmony, Juicy J and DJ Paul decided to continue the magic and go on a reunion tour. The group's catalog is deep With the group playing hits like “Who Run It”, “Poppin’ My Collar”, “Side to Side”, and “Tear The Club Up.” Even playing “Half On A Sack” which has received newfound success thanks to a popular social media app.
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Paul Wall and Chamillionaire reunite on stage
Photo by Darrin Clifton
“That last one is streaming because of TikTok,” laughed DJ Paul as the song ended.

They, however, we're not the only ones to join back together on stage. Houston's own Paul Wall and Chamillionaire joined forces once again as the Memphis group’s opening act. Paul started off running through his string of hits like “Sittin’ Sidewayz,” “Break em’ Off” and even brought out TV Johnny as a hype man for “Grillz.” After running through a few hits, Paul — sensing the anticipation of the crowd — brought out the Swisher house emcee who these days spends more of his time being an investor in the tech world than dabbling in music.

“I think it's time we bring him out,” said Paul Wall as the house lights dimmed. “Here lizard lizard.”

Chamillionaire, doning a white shirt and white Crenshaw Basketball Jersey, bounded onto the stage and quickly started running through his Swishahouse catalog. It was a night for nostalgia as the two, standing in front of Michael 5000 Watts as he deejayed, ran through their verses for “N Luv Wit My Money.”
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Paul Wall runs through hits before bringing out TV Johnny.
Photo by Darrin Clifton
The  room, filled with fans wearing Swishahouse T-shirts, chains, and other memorabilia hung onto every line as the duo traded bars on stage. Prominent figures integral to the Swishahouse legacy like G Dash, the businessman behind the Swishahouse label, and Mike Frost, the artist who designed the label’s album covers, walked around the crowd talking to fans while the show commenced.

“This one is for the real Swisher house fans,” laughed Chamillionaire. “Not the ones that just know that hits it played on the radio.”

For those real fans the night did not disappoint as two legendary groups reunited On the House of Blues stage.
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