Three Revolutionaries: Prince, Radiohead and Stryper

Man, the apocalypse is upon us. First there’s Prince giving his CD away with a concert ticket in England. Then there’s Radiohead going to the honor system for their new record. And now, there’s


, from Stryper frontman Michael Sweet:

"I recently joined forces with a company that will soon revolutionize the music business. It's a company that gives a songwriter the chance to share their music with the fans in the most intimate way possible. For years music companies have gone into business with artists. This company, however, will allow me to go into business with you

"SongVest is the name of the company and they are launching an auction where a Stryper fan can purchase a portion of the songwriter's share of Stryper songs

You will, in effect, own my music with me.”

While this idea seems okay in principle – there are a bunch of bands I would consider investing in -- it falls apart in the execution. Buying a chunk of the publishing of any Christian hair metal band’s catalogue – Stryper’s indisputed reign on the throne of that dubious genre duly noted -- seems about as safe and wise an investment as an emu ranch.

There will be no Stryper revival, people. No Stryper anthem or power ballad will be used in a cash cow iPod campaign, or buzz-building episode of whatever name they are using for recycled Beverly Hills 90210 plots and lookalikes. Buying into this is simply throwing God money after bad. – John Nova Lomax

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.