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Through Being Cool: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Now, speaking for myself as a music fan, hearing is my favorite of the five senses. That's not to say the other senses don't play a part in enjoying music -- the smell of rain in the air during a hot outdoor show, the taste of a cold drink while you're in the club, the sight of bodies colliding in the dark, the feeling of bass shaking your body -- but above all of those is the ability to hear the sounds that move me.

Now that spring is here, more tours are coming to town. More shows means thinking about how you'll take care of your body during them. Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, drinking responsibly -- all easy things your parents probably mentioned at one time or another and all things you've probably ignored once or twice.

And then of course there's the oldest adage of them all. You know the one: turn down your music. Maybe the easiest to ignore.

But seriously, what are you doing to take care of your hearing?

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