Blue Notes

Tianna Hall: Jazz Singer Unafraid Of Soundgarden, Radiohead

It's hard to describe how difficult it is to be a good jazz singer. Jazz is such a nuanced, sometimes overwhelming experience, that vocalizing it is, at times, akin to juggling bulldozers. And crap, man, bulldozers are heavy.

Which is why when singer Tianna Hall's music got dropped in our lap (via Houston Press Music Award winner Jennifer Grassman), she was ushered up to the front of the Artist of the Week line. She is talented, personable and entirely capable of corralling a certain amount of mystique; she even possesses that smoky stare every jazz singer should have.

So we bugged her a bit and asked her to answer all sorts of silly questions, including some about Montell Jordan, gangs, time traveling and the Karmin Covers lady.

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Shea Serrano