Tickets for Muse's March Prog-stravaganza On Sale Now

Toyota Center already has a trio of big pop shows on the books for 2013 in Lady Gaga, P!nk and Rihanna, but starting right now (at this link) you can buy three English dudes whose production promises to be so immense it will crush those three ladies like a bug.

Yes, Muse, the British trio that started out as a group of rather large Radiohead fans before tapping into their inner demagogue and thrusting themselves into the arena-rock stratosphere through sheer force of will and armor-plated anthems like "Knights of Cydonia," will further prove their mettle at Toyota Center on March 12.

Fun fact: Before they took flight, future Musers Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard tried on the names Gothic Plague and Rocket Baby Dolls. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme must be their good luck charm.

The band has just released The 2nd Law, their follow-up to 2009's The Resistance, which has gone gold in the U.S. mostly on the strength of indomitable title track. The new one seems to have been made under the ethos of "Why not?" and "What else can we try?"

Giving 2nd Law three and a half stars in Rolling Stone, Jon Dolan wrote, "when a song that was entrance music at the Olympics ('Survival') barely gets the bronze for Most Epic Thing on Your Record, that's a triumph that would make Freddie Mercury's mustache tingle."

Who wouldn't want to see what that might look like live? The world needs more "Why not?" records, just like it needs more albums with a giant brain on the cover.

The 3rd law, meanwhile, seems to be that Muse is only allowed in Texas while SXSW and the rodeo and everything else is going on, like they were in 2010. Still, we think we can make time for this.

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